We All Hate Ticks!

I really hate ticks. I have had them in me, in my pets, and have seen horrible infestations in dogs, cats and other animals. Fleas are bad, but ticks stay in, and removing them is always a problem.

I just pinned the following poster on the wall in our pet facility, and thought it would be of value here too.


Golden Tips For Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happier

smiling dogI have lived in several countries other than my native Britain, and it pains me to see how our animal friends are treated sometimes. Just because we can take advantage of them doesn’t mean that we should. Most animals can feel love and appreciate affection just as we can, so how some people can behave around animals amazes me.

Dogs, our loyal and faithful buddies, are much like children. They need, among other things, constant care, love and some little supervision for them to be healthy and cheerful. So, as a responsible pet owner, it’s important that you pay utmost attention to such issues in order to keep dog health issues at bay.

There are various tips that you might unaware of and so it’s only best to stay well informed so as to prevent as many issues as you can affecting your dog. Let’s delve into them.


First off, keep your dog vaccinated at all times. This is not only beneficial to them but also to people and other animals around them. More often, it’s the vaccination that determines whether your dog will have a long, happy life or one that’s full of painful, fatal illnesses.

Good shelter and great environment

If there’s one thing that you should always assign much priority to, then it’s the dog’s environment. Do you wash its beddings in good detergent? Do you keep its cage or place of sleep clean and free of all forms of dirt? Well, if not, then it’s high time you do. Furthermore, be very mindful of the temperature and never leave it outside if you aren’t going to spend the day at home. During the colder months, ensure you provide them with a warmer place. This will help to keep it free of potential dog health issues.

Regular treatment for Fleas, ticks and worms

These three can lead to severe dog health issues. Mostly, they will lead to your dog becoming quite ill and very uncomfortable. Worse, they could as well invade your entire house. So to avoid such, always take your dog for routine checks to establish whether they are free of such.

Healthy food and fresh water

When you give food to your dog, ensure it’s the right amount that matches its size, age, breed and weight. Besides the food, supply it with fresh water all the time.

Keep watch of the dog’s eye and ears

Dog’s eyes should at all times appear alert and bright. Also, ensure they are free of any discharge. For the ears, make sure they are inspected on a regular basis to keep them free from such infections as yeast, fungus, bacteria and others.

Brush its teeth regularly

Although quite overlooked, maintaining proper dental care is very important. To avoid dental related dog health issues, brush their teeth daily. This will help to prevent tooth decay and related issues.

Besides these few dog health tips we’ve mentioned, you might also want to observe the following tips:

• Give them plenty of love
• Always be on the lookout for common health problems
• Provide them with enough exercise as well as socialization
• Give them mental stimulation
• Spaying and neutering

In conclusion, maintaining proper dog health is well worth the effort since, at the end of it, you will be rewarded with a happier and healthier pooch for the long haul. So see to it that you put all the aforementioned tips into consideration.

The same goes for our other pets too, please try not to overlook their needs, and help them to be happy. It doesn’t take much, and you will feel all the better for it. This excellent page from the RSPCA website tells you all that you need to know.

If you need any other advice on how to look after your pets, please just contact us using the form on this website, and we will always be happy to speak with you about your pet’s needs.

Check out this lovely video below for some more dog care ideas.