Dogs – The Best Burglar Deterrent

As if we needed another reason to own a dog… but this is a good one. Dogs are a great burglar deterrant. I know it’s obvious, and dogs have been used for centuries as guard dogs, but for the average homeowner, it is not usually high on the list of attractions for buying a dog. However, even the smallest of dogs have the ability to scare of a burglar by making a lot of noise and attracting attention.

Your home security is very vital. It is important to ensure that you maintain your home security as a way of securing your investments. You should make sure that you protect your home from burglars who can enter your home and cause a lot of damages and losses. One of the ways that you can enhance the security of your home is by having a dog that can help detect when burglars want to access your home.

Dogs act as the best burglar deterrent in your home. They have been used for this role for many years in human history. They also act as great pets that can offer you great companion and you can even travel with it when you want to enjoy your vacation somewhere when you are free. There are different types of dogs that you can have in your home, but for deterrent purposes you must consider the breed that can play this role in the most appropriate way. For this article let us look at dogs as the best burglar deterrent.

Ability to detect intruders

A dog is the best burglar deterrent because it has strong sensing abilities that can make it detect any intruders trying to access your home. When they detect such intruders the dig will produce sound or bark to ensure that the intruders do not access your home or make sure that you are not of security threat in your home. The good thing is that the dogs will even show you the area where the burglars wanted to access your home from. This will make you put the right protective measures to ensure that such a thing does not happen in the future.

Signal in case of break in

Your dog will definitely bark when your home has been broken into by burglars. Most of the dogs that are trained have the ability to bark until the intruders run away or until you arrive in care your home has been broken into. Most burglars will also run away if they realise that they have been noted by your dog because they understand that they are at high risk of being arrested. Thus, if burglars know that you have a great dog in your home, they will not even try to break in.

Trace stolen items

There are dogs that are trained on how they can trace any item that might be stolen from your home. This is something that makes burglars have the courage to break into your home because they know that there are high chances that whatever they steal, they will be traced by use of the dogs. Even if they do not steal anything they know that the dogs have the ability to trace the path they followed until they get where the burglars are. This is one of the reasons that police like using the sniffer dogs to arrest burglars and thieves.Guard-Dog-Benefits

To ensure that you get the best security services, make sure that you get a well trained dog and take care of it to enhance its performance as a burglar deterrent. As I pointed out at the beginning of this blog, just about any dog is well equipped to scare off an intruder. Here at Equine Health and Herbal we are always being asked to rehome dogs and cats. It is difficult to find new homes for dogs that have been abandoned or whose owners can’t take care of them anymore. And with some basic training you have the best burglar alarm known to man. Check out Cesars website for great training ideas.

So if you are thinking of getting a dog, and if you are looking to increase the security of your home, speak to us about one of our dogs that are ready for adoption, then come along and meet your new friend. You won’t be disappointed!