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One of the first things we decided to do, in fact that we had to do after opening our animal facility, was to upgrade the kitchen in our clinic area. There was a kitchen already there, but it was scarily horrible. Dogs had nibbled it, people had kicked it, there were scratches and dints, dirt and I dread to think what else was on the worktops and ingrained into the nooks and crannies.

We didn’t have a lot of money left over for this project, but it just had to be done. So I got doing some research on how to upgrade a kitchen on a budget, and it is surprising how just a few small changes can make a big difference. By spending a surprisingly small amount of money in the right places can turn a dismal worn out kitchen into something that is going to last you a few years longer, and that you can be happy with for a while until you are able to get the kitchen you were dreaming of.

After doing all of the research, and preparing to do the cheap and cheerful makeover, my partner and I decided that our 2nd car was no longer really needed as we were now working together, so we sold it and put the money into our new kitchen.

We still didn’t have a massive amount of money to spend, so no major designer kitchen installation, but we found that our neighbour just up the street had a kitchen makeover business, and he was able to just change our kitchen doors, drawers, worktops and handles, which gave us a fabulous result for less than we expected. Many thanks to Graham, and you will find a link to his website here.

Having done all the homework, I thought that I would still put the information on this blog in case it helps somebody else in the same situation.

You know what its like when you are leafing through some of those glossy interior design magazines and begin to desire for the wonderful kitchen pictured inside. We all do it, but how can you get a nice kitchen upgrade without spending a packet?

Here are a few affordable kitchen makeover ideas which can turn your typical kitchen into a very expensive one for less money, fuss and in a flash.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

The best method to begin the makeover can be by re-painting kitchen cabinets . In this way you can give the cabinets a new classy look at a fraction of the expense of totally replacing them . You just need to sand the wood and paint or even stain all of them with the colour of your choice. If you are not very confident at painting, you could consider paying a painter to do that for you.

Kitchen Flooring Clean upwood-floor-sanding-350

Very often kitchen floors look old because they have ingrained dirt and stains. If the floor is wood, thenĀ  a good sanding and sealer will make it look good as new, for tiles, new grout is the answer, and if all else fails, there are some amazing vinyls available these days that look like tile or wood and are warm under foot.

Painting Kitchen Walls

A good solid colour on at least one of the walls is a great way to divert the eyes away from an area that you are not so happy about, be bold but be careful as it is something that you will have to live with. Glossy colours are easier to clean, but matt colours will hide imperfections in the wall.

Small changes can have a big impact

In fact , replacing something as small as drawer handles can make a big difference. Focussing on small details while decorating your kitchen will pay off . In fact replacing simply an obsolete faucet orĀ  sink can make a big difference to the look of your room.

Clean up Kitchen Countertops

Water and vinegar are great for cleaning countertops, or if they are wood, then a good sand and seal will do the trick. For old laminate, consider tiling the worktops, and old trick that seems to be coming back into fashion. Keeping your tops free from clutter helps to make the room seem larger than it is.

Personalise the room

Personalising your kitchen with pictures, lighting, colours, inexpensive wall coverings, clocks and curtains can all help to make your kitchen dramatic and interesting. Try adding a chalkboard or corkboard too. Artwork and intersting items can all be found at car boots and market stalls to give your room a homely feel.

Include Kitchen Wallpaper

There are so many lovely wall papers available today. Buy one expensive roll to cover 1 wall, and see the difference it makes. I think you will be surprised.

So there you have it, my research in a nutshell. I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t have the opportunity to do my own kitchen makeover in a style that reflected my personality, but if you do, then please let me know how it goes and send me some pics through my contact page. My animals and of course their owners have commented on my new kitchen area and it seems to be a big hit.


Check out the video below by Tara Dennis. Her videos about budget makeovers are inspiring, as is her energy.

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