What Is The Best Worktop For An Animal Clinic?


So I told you all about the saga with the cabinets in our new facility kitchen, but we had not given any thought to worktops. We had to decide what type to install based on price and functionality.

We really wanted granite because it is so durable and easy to keep clean. At the other end of the spectrum is good old laminate, durable and less expensive. But there are many more options in between.

We have a dog owner customer that is something of an expert, as his business is installing worktops, so we gave him a call. You can see his business here if it helps you with the same problem – Kitchen Worktop Solutions Derby

He was able to advise us on the best surface for our needs. The following is some of the information that he sent and he kindly allowed us to post it here.

Highly functional and aesthetically appealing kitchen worktops are the hallmark of a great kitchen. It’s good to note that kitchen worktops come in a range of surfaces to suit different needs and preferences. Some of the most common kitchen counter surface you can expect include:

• Laminate
• Wooden
• Solid surfaced
• Stainless steel
• Granite
• Quartz
• Stone

Choosing the best work surfaces amongst these we’ve listed isn’t a difficult task. When you consider what really makes a great kitchen worktop you will easily find one that seems to stand out. Key factors one should put to consideration include:

• Aesthetics
• Durability
• Functionality
• Cleaning
• Ease of maintenance
• Price

Among all those materials we’ve listed, granite is one of the most sought after due to its many positive features. Its use is widespread and you can find it literary everywhere, from pavements to kitchen worktops. Here are more reasons that will convince you even more why granite is simply the best of all kitchen worktops.


20140322_155633Many have favored granite over other kitchen worktops due to the timeless and elegant look it offers to the kitchen. It being a naturally occurring substance, it’s obvious that no two granite worktops will ever be similar. It all depends with the area it’s mined from. Some will contain intricate vein patterns while other will have pitting, specks, and swirls. Black and gray are the most common colors although you can still find green, blue and brown shades of granite.


Next to diamonds and quartz, granite stands bold as one of the hardest natural substances known to man. If you are after a heavy-duty surface that can withstand nearly all the impacts of your daily kitchen activities, then here’s the ultimate choice. It’s also able to withstand high temperatures so you can never worry about hot pots and pans messing up your kitchen worktops.

Ease of maintenance

You can easily keep your granite looking just as new and beautiful as you bought it. It’s very simple. By simply wiping it with warm water and detergent, you will make it look clean. A yearly sealing will also help to prevent granite work surfaces from damages that could serve as breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Better still, you can acquire special stone cleaning material to provide it with extra protection.


Quality granite is sure to last a lifetime. That means your worktop is also going to last longer. And if you happen to sell your home in future, a granite kitchen worktop will help to boost its sale value.

When designing or remodeling your kitchen, it’s best to note that one of the biggest decisions you will make is deciding which worktop is the best. Of course, you will want a worktop that is timeless, amazing, has low maintenance cost and doesn’t cost a lot. Well, by now you already know what suits all the above factors.

Most homeowners though hardly realize how unique granite worktops are. Throughout the world today, granite worktops continue to dominate as the top choice. Generally, they can be a very rewarding addition to your kitchen and the reasons we’ve just highlighted clearly reveal why you should consider investing in a granite worktop in the future.

And as you can probably guess…… we went for granite!