Golden Tips For Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happier

smiling dogI have lived in several countries other than my native Britain, and it pains me to see how our animal friends are treated sometimes. Just because we can take advantage of them doesn’t mean that we should. Most animals can feel love and appreciate affection just as we can, so how some people can behave around animals amazes me.

Dogs, our loyal and faithful buddies, are much like children. They need, among other things, constant care, love and some little supervision for them to be healthy and cheerful. So, as a responsible pet owner, it’s important that you pay utmost attention to such issues in order to keep dog health issues at bay.

There are various tips that you might unaware of and so it’s only best to stay well informed so as to prevent as many issues as you can affecting your dog. Let’s delve into them.


First off, keep your dog vaccinated at all times. This is not only beneficial to them but also to people and other animals around them. More often, it’s the vaccination that determines whether your dog will have a long, happy life or one that’s full of painful, fatal illnesses.

Good shelter and great environment

If there’s one thing that you should always assign much priority to, then it’s the dog’s environment. Do you wash its beddings in good detergent? Do you keep its cage or place of sleep clean and free of all forms of dirt? Well, if not, then it’s high time you do. Furthermore, be very mindful of the temperature and never leave it outside if you aren’t going to spend the day at home. During the colder months, ensure you provide them with a warmer place. This will help to keep it free of potential dog health issues.

Regular treatment for Fleas, ticks and worms

These three can lead to severe dog health issues. Mostly, they will lead to your dog becoming quite ill and very uncomfortable. Worse, they could as well invade your entire house. So to avoid such, always take your dog for routine checks to establish whether they are free of such.

Healthy food and fresh water

When you give food to your dog, ensure it’s the right amount that matches its size, age, breed and weight. Besides the food, supply it with fresh water all the time.

Keep watch of the dog’s eye and ears

Dog’s eyes should at all times appear alert and bright. Also, ensure they are free of any discharge. For the ears, make sure they are inspected on a regular basis to keep them free from such infections as yeast, fungus, bacteria and others.

Brush its teeth regularly

Although quite overlooked, maintaining proper dental care is very important. To avoid dental related dog health issues, brush their teeth daily. This will help to prevent tooth decay and related issues.

Besides these few dog health tips we’ve mentioned, you might also want to observe the following tips:

• Give them plenty of love
• Always be on the lookout for common health problems
• Provide them with enough exercise as well as socialization
• Give them mental stimulation
• Spaying and neutering

In conclusion, maintaining proper dog health is well worth the effort since, at the end of it, you will be rewarded with a happier and healthier pooch for the long haul. So see to it that you put all the aforementioned tips into consideration.

The same goes for our other pets too, please try not to overlook their needs, and help them to be happy. It doesn’t take much, and you will feel all the better for it. This excellent page from the RSPCA website tells you all that you need to know.

If you need any other advice on how to look after your pets, please just contact us using the form on this website, and we will always be happy to speak with you about your pet’s needs.

Check out this lovely video below for some more dog care ideas.

Dogs – The Best Burglar Deterrent

As if we needed another reason to own a dog… but this is a good one. Dogs are a great burglar deterrant. I know it’s obvious, and dogs have been used for centuries as guard dogs, but for the average homeowner, it is not usually high on the list of attractions for buying a dog. However, even the smallest of dogs have the ability to scare of a burglar by making a lot of noise and attracting attention.

Your home security is very vital. It is important to ensure that you maintain your home security as a way of securing your investments. You should make sure that you protect your home from burglars who can enter your home and cause a lot of damages and losses. One of the ways that you can enhance the security of your home is by having a dog that can help detect when burglars want to access your home.

Dogs act as the best burglar deterrent in your home. They have been used for this role for many years in human history. They also act as great pets that can offer you great companion and you can even travel with it when you want to enjoy your vacation somewhere when you are free. There are different types of dogs that you can have in your home, but for deterrent purposes you must consider the breed that can play this role in the most appropriate way. For this article let us look at dogs as the best burglar deterrent.

Ability to detect intruders

A dog is the best burglar deterrent because it has strong sensing abilities that can make it detect any intruders trying to access your home. When they detect such intruders the dig will produce sound or bark to ensure that the intruders do not access your home or make sure that you are not of security threat in your home. The good thing is that the dogs will even show you the area where the burglars wanted to access your home from. This will make you put the right protective measures to ensure that such a thing does not happen in the future.

Signal in case of break in

Your dog will definitely bark when your home has been broken into by burglars. Most of the dogs that are trained have the ability to bark until the intruders run away or until you arrive in care your home has been broken into. Most burglars will also run away if they realise that they have been noted by your dog because they understand that they are at high risk of being arrested. Thus, if burglars know that you have a great dog in your home, they will not even try to break in.

Trace stolen items

There are dogs that are trained on how they can trace any item that might be stolen from your home. This is something that makes burglars have the courage to break into your home because they know that there are high chances that whatever they steal, they will be traced by use of the dogs. Even if they do not steal anything they know that the dogs have the ability to trace the path they followed until they get where the burglars are. This is one of the reasons that police like using the sniffer dogs to arrest burglars and thieves.Guard-Dog-Benefits

To ensure that you get the best security services, make sure that you get a well trained dog and take care of it to enhance its performance as a burglar deterrent. As I pointed out at the beginning of this blog, just about any dog is well equipped to scare off an intruder. Here at Equine Health and Herbal we are always being asked to rehome dogs and cats. It is difficult to find new homes for dogs that have been abandoned or whose owners can’t take care of them anymore. And with some basic training you have the best burglar alarm known to man. Check out Cesars website for great training ideas.

So if you are thinking of getting a dog, and if you are looking to increase the security of your home, speak to us about one of our dogs that are ready for adoption, then come along and meet your new friend. You won’t be disappointed!

How to calm down an anxious dog?

male_dogOne question that we get asked all the time is how to help an anxious or nervous dog. It is frustrating when you want to train or just have fun with your dog, but they are scared, nervous or distrustful.

Our four-legged friends can be anxious, for various reasons. For some it is their temperament, for others it is the mark of past trauma. Anyway, fear remains a natural feeling to the danger. It can occur at any time. How can we respond to these behaviors? How do you  help your dog regain confidence and overcome his fears?

If your dog is anxious, surround it with love.

When a dog is frightened, the perception of his own body is blurred, impossible for him to focus; his attention is focused on the danger the dog believes should avoid. To him regain a sense of calm and healing must therefore make him regain consciousness of his body.
For this, what could be more effective than some sweet and caring massage to your dog trembling? Through hugs and massages the dog will reconnect with his sensations, and refocus.

It never helps to scream, to get excited or even give orders … an anxious dog will never be receptive. Instead, it risks worsening the situation. Stay calm, caring and reassuring.

We do not think always necessary but massages are a great way to calm an anxious dog. The result is sometimes immediate. however be careful not treat all dogs as you would your own dog. Indeed, the animal must trust you; otherwise it may feel threatened.

We all know how pets like need love and stroking. Yet we have never had to learn how to give. We intuitively do it, as it seems simple and obvious.

This is actually micro-massages, we do it without even realizing it. Caresses reinforce the link between the master and his dog and create a climate of confidence.  It helps calms the animal, and enjoys the feel of her hand on her body. Do not hesitate to carry this out as soon as your dog exhibits signs of fear, such as: tremors, tail between legs, ears down, etc.

Sometimes, just the fact of laying your hands on your dog’s body may be sufficient to restore confidence. When your pet refuses to move, for example, it is recommended to push with the flat of the hand, rather than pull him by the collar. More often the dog will follow the pulse.

If you need any help or advice on how to better connect with your dog, to aid in training or obedience, contact us for helpful advice.