About us

adopt adult dogsThis website equinehealthandherbal.co.uk is dedicated to all people out there who love their dogs. One of the main purposes that pushed us to start running this blog was to gather and share our experience and information about how we conduct our lives together with our loved pets .

One of our all time goals was to build our own kennels/surgery/rescue centre. After buying our house in the country, we finally had the room to do everything that we wanted to do.

We had outbuildings that could be converted and land to build on and to use for exercise etc for the animals.

Many thanks to the various local tradespeople who helped and worked with us to bring this whole thing to life. I will be sharing some of their stories and helping them to find new customers as a thanks for their help.

Thanks also to the local people for their support, the local press for their help and advice, and of couse not forgetting the animals…

We would love to hear your feedback and ideas on our project, so please feel free to contact us with your messages here

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